Precise Microscopic Endodontic and Conservative Treatment

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The excellence in treatment requires a high level of precision, minimally invasive procedures, and exquisite clinical skills. These are traits that are increasingly are possible only through the use of enhanced vision and the technical skills required to perform microscopic work. Nowadays the endodontic treatment performed under a microscope has very high success.


Relating Function and Esthetics

Conservative dentistry is a treatment process whereby a minimum of healthy tooth structure is removed during the restorative process, is inherently a desirable dental objective. Restorative dentistry has been described and taught as “conservative dentistry.” Fortunately, the current era of dentistry has witnessed the development of new materials, new techniques, and new instruments that make conservative dentistry practical and ultraconservative dentistry a reality. Adhesive restorations eliminate the need for more extensive retentive preparations Enamel-mimicking composites (both hybrid and flowable) offer long-lasting tooth structure replacement with minimum requirements for restorative bulk. Little or no healthy tooth material must be removed simply to allow for adequate thickness of the filling material. Innovative materials, particularly when combined with early detection and conservative treatment make the development of esthetics possible.