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Esthetics is defined as the comprehension of the visual principles and parameters that generate a pleasant image. It is therefore a rational, logical, analytical study of beauty. Beauty, on the other hand, is the emotional, complex perception of the whole. Through the large number of smile design elements (such as incisal edge, dominance, and dental axis), as well as shapes as sub-elements (such as morphological details of each tooth), it is necessary to establish the perfect combination for each individual patient.


The dentist can easily transfer this design to the patient’s mouth by making a silicone impression of the digital wax-up, duplicating all the details, the ideal shape of the teeth, surface texture, etc, and more importantly in this way, not only the ideal smile design but also the opportunity for important communication between the dentist and patient can be accomplished. The final esthetic design can then be approved and evaluated well at this time by both the patient and the dentist before starting the tooth preparation.